About us

Element Villas modules are the result of the experience, knowledge and creativity of partner companies – OSmetal d.o.o., Rechner Architects and Barrage d.o.o.

The architectural design and planning of modern, luxurious Element Villas modules is the work of world-renowned and award-winning architects from one of the leading architectural firms in the region – Rechner Architects. Clean, modern details and elegant design make Element Villas visually appealing, but also functional and space efficient.

OSmetal and Barrage make sure everything works and is safe, and the same high-tech solutions they provide to their clients worldwide are found in the Element Villas modules. Safe and high-quality solutions developed and tested by experts in the above companies guarantee efficiency and high standards that can tackle any challenge.

The partner companies of Element Villas are the company Barrage d.o.o. and the company OSmetal, well-known for its 30-year tradition of steel structure manufacturing. Many years of experience in developing, building and commissioning data centers, as well as in developing applications, make these companies the right partner for creating high-tech solutions that make your life and work easier.

“High-tech solutions that make your life and work easier”

Company Barrage, with over 90 employees and more than 15 years of experience in web development and development of distributed ledger technology, focuses on the quality of its services, recognized by clients all over the world. The most common type of distributed ledger technology is blockchain, and it is the safest network that reliably protects your living and working space and data.

Moreover, 40 skilled employees and engineers from OSmetal have been successfully manufacturing metal structures and parts for over 30 years. Constant investments in improvement of efficiency have resulted in the obtaining of ISO 9001, EN 1090, EN 3834 certificates and hundreds of satisfied clients.