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The BAR model is a great choice for all who want a quick, modern solution and rapid installation.
Is your bar too crowded? No worries. Get an additional module and fix your problem! Use additional modules to transform your space into a BAR with terraces or even into a RESTAURANT! Set up or relocate your modular building whenever and however you want. Easy, quick and safe.
The Element Villas – BAR model is the perfect choice for a beach bar where you can enjoy life to the fullest, as a hospitality establishment on water, at a ski resort or wherever else your guests may be.
If you don’t have access to the utilities (electricity, water and sewer), the OFF THE GRID system is a solution for you – no paperwork, permits and unnecessary hassle.

Element Villas – BAR – because your guests deserve the best.

01. Exterior

Sliding glass walls and the elegant design of Element Villas models give your guests the sensation of sitting out on the terrace even though they are indoors. Expand the space with additional modules as needed and give your guests a place they’ll gladly return to.

02. Interior

Element Villas – BAR is designed to satisfy the needs of its guests. The designer furniture fits perfectly with the model’s requirements to achieve optimal space efficiency.
Our technological solutions allow you to control heating and cooling, lighting, multimedia, as well as give you many other benefits that allow your guests to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of premium wine.


  • WidthWidth:3.3 m
  • HeightHeight:3.24 m
  • LengthLength:9.3 m

Surface areas

  • Gross:30.68 m2
  • Living surface areaLiving surface area:26.74 m2

Additional options

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