Creative office

A perfect office for those looking to be inspired

Spark your imagination in Element Villas Creative Office and overcome all challenges in the way of your goal. The interior design makes the space comfortable and satisfying, which significantly boosts morale, productivity and creativity. Come up with your ideal office and we’ll make it come true with modular ergonomic furniture and other elegant office solutions that will turn everyday tasks into fulfilling experiences.
Place the office at a location of your choosing and, should you need to, move it to another location quickly and easily.

Element Villas – CREATIVE OFFICE – wherever you go!

01. Exterior

The Element Villas module consists of a steel frame providing additional reinforcement and (fire) resistance to all Element Villas buildings. Modules can be placed at virtually any location and can be adapted to your wishes and needs.

02. Interior

Element Villas is designed to satisfy the needs of its users. The designer furniture fits perfectly with the model’s requirements to achieve optimal space efficiency.
Our technological solutions allow you to control heating and cooling, lighting, multimedia, as well as give you many other benefits that make for a dream office.


  • WidthWidth:3.3 m / 3 m
  • HeightHeight:3.24 m
  • LengthLength:9.6 m / 6 m

Surface areas

  • Gross:49.7 m2
  • Living surface areaLiving surface area:43 m2

Additional options

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