Custom made

Fully tailored to your purposes!

Create an Element Villas model to suit your wishes and needs. Our top designers are here to make your dreams come true! Come to us with an idea and we’ll make sure to turn it into a space that you’ll be happy to spend your time in.

01. Exterior

Create a unique building quickly and easily using our prefabricated modules. The options are virtually endless. Your buildings can be living spaces such as summer houses, guest houses, wine tasting rooms, fitness or yoga premises, suites or business premises – hotels, resorts, dormitories, retirement homes, restaurants, exhibition areas…
Element Villas – the space you need, when you need it.

02. Interior

Element Villas – CUSTOM MADE is designed to satisfy your needs. The designer furniture fits perfectly with the model’s requirements to achieve optimal space efficiency. Our technological solutions allow you to control heating and cooling, lighting, multimedia, as well as give you many other perks.

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