According to Croatian law, a building permit is obligatory for all structures larger than 15 m2. We can start building only once the building permit has been obtained. This ensures that the concept design is made in accordance with all the regulations and specified conditions a building must fulfill at a certain location as well as all the fulfillment of all necessary prerequisites for construction. The building permit is not necessary when Element Villas are placed on a campsite.

Pursuant to the Croatian Construction Act (Official Gazette 153/13, 20/17), the documentation necessary to obtain a building permit is:

  • An application (submitted by the investor)
  • Three copies of the main design
  • A written report on main design audit
  • A parcel study certified by a competent cadastral office
  • Proof of the investor on the right to build on the lot or the existing structure, from which a construction plot will be formed

The necessary design documentation is provided for Element Villas houses – concept design and main design, and it is up to the investor to apply for and obtain a building permit.

The price depends on the Element Villas building you’re buying.

To issue a technical decision for a structure and prove the fulfillment of the basic conditions for the structure, as well as other prescribed requirements and conditions, several mutually coordinated designs are needed. A set of those designs is the main design.

Depending on the type of works, that is, building, the main design consists of an architectural design, a construction design, an electrical engineering design, a mechanical engineering design and a geodetic design. Before drafting the main design, the necessary studies are made. The required studies may be a geomechanical or landscape study, fire safety study, occupational safety study; the main design includes several designs and a more detailed layout, as well as more details in general than the concept design.

When placing the Element Villas building, the investor needs to obtain the geodetic design. This design shows the placement of the structure on a plot as well as the shape and size of the plot. The shape of the building is determined by the building permit.

The building permit is issued by the administrative department carrying out the duties of physical planning and construction in the area where the building is to be constructed.

An issued building permit is valid for two years from the day when it became valid and it becomes permanent if the works start within that period. The validity of the building permit can be extended for another two years at the investor’s request in case the conditions on the basis of which it was issued for the first time did not change.

The location permit is not necessary for Element Villas houses.

All documents you would have to obtain for regular construction of a house according to a generic design. This means that the investor needs to obtain:

  • An extract from the cadastral map, not older than six months (https://e-uprava.apis-it.hr/gup)
  • An extract from the land registry which shows that the investor is the owner or the holder of the right to build on the construction plot (www.e-izvadak.pravosudje.hr)
  • Location information, i.e., certificate on the planned purpose for the parcel (www.mgipu.hr)
  • Geodetic design, a geotechnical study which is recommended in cases when there is doubt that there are groundwaters, rocks, landslides, wetlands, sandy soils, etc., and in the case you plan on placing the Element Villas building on piles – screws
  • If there is already an existing building on the parcel, its legitimacy must be proved (building permit with layouts or a certificate from the cadaster attesting that the building was constructed before 15 February 1968), and if the existing house has been legalized, a Decision to legalize an unauthorized building must be delivered.

The most important thing you need is a construction parcel where you can place the building. Then, you should establish the cadastral plot and determine which cadastral municipality it belongs to. It is best to contact us after you’ve collected the above data and selected a model. We will then take you through the process of realizing the project to make the construction of the module as easy as possible and to ensure reliable and timely information.

Element Villas models are placed on foundations. It is not necessary to build foundations across the whole surface area of the building; it’s sufficient to install several piles to support the building.

The Element Villas house is delivered to a location of your choice in the form of fully furnished modules adapted to your wishes and needs and ready to use; these are then assembled for several days, depending on the size and the Element Villas house model.

Of course. This is one of the advantages of Element Villas mobile modular buildings.

The costs depend on the location and modules you want to set up.

Additional costs include transport, design documentation and assembly. Also, if you don’t own land, there are the costs of purchasing land, construction of foundations as well as of electricity, water and drainage connections and costs of obtaining a building permit.

Yes, there is. Feel free to contact us so we could discuss your ideas and clear up any doubts you may be having.

Yes. High-tech solutions give you the option of setting up elements which consist of solar cells, batteries, collectors and purifiers of rainwater and bio-toilets. Such an Element Villas house is then self-sufficient and there is no need for connection to utilities.

An Element Villas building can be used for business purposes if the investor defines the activity that would be carried out in advance, as well as the minimum technical requirements that need to be met for the business activity to start. Special attention should be paid to the Article of the Ordinance governing the height and the size of rooms.

An Element Villas building can be controlled via a mobile application. The systems that can be controlled are:

  • Heating and cooling
  • Security
  • Lighting
  • Multimedia
  • Video surveillance

It is possible to install a fireplace in the Element Villas house with prior agreement.

Of course. Element Villas buildings grow to meet your needs, which, in addition to the speed of assembly, is another great advantage of modular construction.

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