House 3.0

House 3.0

A safe investment for a secure future

Safety, security, and stability are the primary features of any well-designed living space. We made sure our modules provide exactly that,  and much more. Special attention is directed to creating a permanent living space, the foundation of a happy day-to-day life of every family, reflected in all our Living models.

  • House 3.0

01. Exterior

Steel construction and automation of production and assembly, along with the high standards set in each project plan, guarantee the durability of our modular facilities. The strong structure expertly framed in the attractive form makes every Element Villas house a place you will always return gladly to.

02. Interior

Home is not only about the walls and the space between them. You create a home by filling it with love, unforgettable moments, fun gatherings, little meaningful things, and hopes of an even more beautiful and happier future. But the main precondition for all of this is a harmoniously planned, practical, and comfortable interior. That’s where we come in! With its three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a connected space that includes a dining room, kitchen, and living room, this model will be a true factory of your most beautiful memories.


  • WidthWidth:6.32 m
  • HeightHeight:3.24 m
  • LengthLength:11.40 m

Surface areas

  • Gross:50.3 m2
  • Living surface areaLiving surface area:42.6 m2

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