House 3.5

Much more than just a living space

Well-known advantages of modular houses are price, durability, energy efficiency, modern design, and technological solutions, and these characteristics are common to all of our models. However, the real attraction of Element Villas Living modular buildings lies in the speed of construction/installation and the possibility of implementing additional elements that make our objects self-sufficient and non-dependent on utility connections.

01. Exterior

While creating each of our models, regardless of the use, we insist on modern, clean lines and elegance in architecture and design. The segments that ensure the durability and practicality of the object do not have to distort the visual impression if you know what you are doing. And we do! The Element Villas House 3.5 model’s impressive exterior makes it a home that will captivate the attention of all bypassers.

02. Interior

When making important decisions, like the one about the choice of living space, they say there is a heart vs. mind battle. But it doesn’t always have to be that way. Element Villas interiors are created to fulfill your aspirations for elegance and the comfort of home, luxury, and practicality. The aesthetic appeal of four bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a dining room connected to the kitchen and living room will be the perfect foundation for adding a personal touch, making them truly yours.


  • WidthWidth:6.32 m
  • HeightHeight:3.24 m
  • LengthLength:14.44 m

Surface areas

  • Gross:65.8 m2
  • Living surface areaLiving surface area:55.7 m2

Additional options

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