Leisure S

Complete comfort with a high degree of energy efficiency

We present you a modern, luxurious and, above all, warm holiday home – the Leisure S model.

The solid metal construction ensures a long-term guarantee and high-quality and precise building resistant to adverse weather conditions

This model is a combination of well-thought-out use of space and adaptive design and allows complete adaptation to your needs, desires and capabilities.

01. Exterior

For the construction of the Leisure S model, we have chosen high-quality and aesthetically attractive materials, which guarantees future owners longevity, but also an attractive appearance of the house. It blends in with a variety of landscapes, whether you choose a coastal area or a snowy idyll – your home will shine in full splendor and the landscape will stand out as far as the eye can see. Compact custom dimensions will allow you to place your home in the perfect spot. Take your breath away with a view from a warm home and a moment with a loved one.

03. Interior

Although called S (Small), this model is by no means small. Our experts have devised and designed the layout of the rooms with maximum utilization of each square meter of interior. The Leisure S model features high-quality designer furniture and a custom-built kitchen. You can enjoy your favorite hot or cold drinks during all seasons, either on the terrace or from the comfort of a modular house. The living room with kitchen and dining room combined with the bedroom and bathroom is a combination of functional and well used space.

Accommodation capacity of the model: 4 persons


  • WidthWidth:3.5 m
  • HeightHeight:2.5 m
  • LengthLength:9.22 m

Surface areas

  • Gross:32.27 m2
  • Living surface areaLiving surface area:22.72 m2

Additional options

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