Smart modular homes

Element Villas is a highly functional, flexible and mobile working or living space. It features modern and intelligent design and can be set up and enjoyed nearly anywhere in the world. The advantages of Element Villas mobile modular buildings compared to conventional construction:

  • The minimalist approach to construction and interior decoration of Element Villas requires significantly less materials than conventional buildings, which makes construction more affordable
  • The mobility of Element Villas modular buildings allows for quick, easy and cost-effective installation with minimum impact on the construction site and the environment, which is often impossible to achieve when constructing traditional homes
  • Energy efficiency and environmentally-friendly materials are used to construct Element Villas, which makes them the perfect choice for modern living with minimum costs
  • The modular approach to construction allows for subsequent installation of living and/or work space, tailored to your wishes and needs
  • If you own an Element Villas modular home, you don’t need to buy a parcel – you can rent it
  • Fully adaptable to the needs of the buyer: resorts, villas, restaurants, bars, construction sites, farms, beaches, ski resorts, camps or floating lake camps – you can do it all with Element Villas modular buildings

Element Villas modular buildings give you a new vision and dimension of life and work; they fully adapt to your needs, regardless of their intended purpose.

Element Villas modular buildings give you a new vision and dimension of life and work; they fully adapt to your needs, regardless of their intended purpose.

Sturdier structure

The steel frame of the modular home has multiple advantages compared to traditional structures. First of all, it is durability of the building, which not only needs to meet the design requirements, but endure strains imposed during transport. The steel frame ensures (fire) resistance, and inorganic materials prevent bends, cracks and breaks, as well as emission of gases and vapors.

Speed of implementation

Reduce costs! Shorter investment time means lower costs. Whether you want to move into your new home or rent a space as soon as possible, the speed of construction and assembly of modular buildings allows for a faster return on your investment.

Exceptional quality

Modular buildings are planned out to the tiniest detail. Designer furniture, cutting-edge technology, custom-made kitchens and energy efficiency are just some of the features of Element Villas homes. You can be sure that your building will meet even the highest standards of quality and take on any challenge.

Shorter construction time

Modular buildings are factory-made. Automation and standardized manufacturing procedure allow for quick and easy creation of a structure which is then assembled the way you want it. In addition to all the other advantages, assembling is done in just a few days.


One of the most important advantages of modular homes compared to traditional one is the price. Careful planning ensures there are no unexpected costs. Once you select your module, you'll know exactly what you'll get and how much it will cost you.

HI-TECH Element Villas

Nearly all electric devices and appliances are linked through a wireless smart system and can be controlled via a mobile phone or a tablet. Special equipment includes: cameras, motion sensor, temperature sensor, open window / window sensor, anti-theft system, measurement of power consumption, smoke detector, etc. Some of the system features are:
  • LED lighting control
  • Multimedia control
  • Measurement of energy consumption
  • Connected daylight, temperature and humidity sensors
  • Optional subsequent installation of the whole system
  • No additional wiring – all parts are wireless
  • Direct smart home access via mobile phone or tablet