The technological solutions we offer have emerged in the process of developing our modules. Years of perfecting the craft in the fields of engineering and technical consultancy guarantee efficiency, high-quality and safety of our products and services. Our technology is also available separately, outside of the Element Villas range.

Turn to us with confidence, use the advantages of artificial intelligence and make your everyday operations easier!

Management and control

Self-sustaining home – OFF THE GRID

Drainage and sewage

Place a water purification device into the ground and tackle the sewage issue

Electric energy

Photovoltaic panels – an autonomous power system
Power storage batteries

Drinking water (rainwater)

Place a rainwater tank into the ground and use the water without concerns

Integration of Element Villas with various services

  • Integration with Booking and AirBNB, a website or any booking service – your Element Villas building knows when it’s occupied and when it’s not.
  • If the user has paid for the stay, entry into the house is permitted. If the user has not paid, they can do so via the Element Villas application on their smart device.
  • If one of the sensors detects that some of the appliances or systems are not operational (air conditioner/washing machine/water/stove/electricity), the system notifies a repairer, who then goes to the building he or she can enter alone (at a designated time) and fixes the malfunction.
  • Lower energy consumption by automatic turning on and off of the air conditioner, lights, stoves as well as other devices, appliances and systems.
  • If the building was rented and the space needs to be cleaned and prepared for new guests, a notification will be sent to the application and the building will be ready for new guests in the agreed-upon time. After the cleaning ends, the time necessary to carry out work is calculated. Naturally, the person carrying out the cleaning services may enter the building by gaining access via the mobile application, but only in a period when access is permitted.

Blockchain Internet of Things – for your absolute safety

Internet of Things means integration and connection of devices and appliances online. The installed sensors enable wireless communication with devices and appliances as a way to control and monitor them.

Blockchain ledger, as in all cases, provides safety for the IoT system. All Element Villas modules use this technology to ensure safe and flawless functioning of devices, appliances and systems.

Uses of the Blockchain Internet of Things system:

Smart devices and appliances – Smart devices and appliances connected to the internet give you more control and access to a larger amount of information.

Sensors – The blockchain technology saves, controls, protects and transfers all data the sensors collect.

High-tech solutions that make your life and business easier

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